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March 20, 2019

I remember the quarter jar my mother kept in the kitchen cupboard. It was for the laundry machines in our subsidized apartment. She often struggled to keep it stocked enough to do laundry. I remember it so well because, as a troubled teen, I would often raid it to buy...


I walked into a studio one day.  I have explained this to friends many times.  I walked into a studio to be in a show one day and my life changed forever. 


My mother had just passed and my brother said, “come be in a show with me”.  We grew up singing songs from shows...

I love grocery shopping!  It's true.  I love going through the aisles, finding the items I need and filling the cart, section by section.  I love that feeling of leaning on the handle, lifting my feet a few inches off the ground, gliding, temporarily transforming a sho...