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Unsung Heroes 2019

It's been an amazing first five years.  Unsung Heroes Productions has now produced 8 shows raising over $350,000 for charity!! Last year, we had an incredible year with two massive shows, Unsung 5 and Who Nu?  We continue to have so many returning sponsors, amazing media coverage (CBC, CTV, CJN and Rogers TV), bigger and better productions and some of the best talent out there.  It was truly an incredible year.

Our 2018 season began in February, with Sing for Tomorrow 5, the 5th instalment of our annual flagship production in support of Imagine a Cure for Leukemia.  This was followed up in October with a very special production of our first ever all Who Nu musical review with music from Jewish artists and composers.  All proceeds of that show were in support of Jewish Family & Child's kids summer camp programs.  

In 2019 we are going back to our roots and focusing all of our efforts on our flagship show, Sing for Tomorrow, returning to it's original slot in the Fall.  On Sept 21 and 22 we will perform 3 shows for childhood Leukemia, once again partnering with Imagine a Cure.  This will be the biggest show we have ever done with more talent than we have ever have. 

Unsung 6

A musical revue with songs from the stage and screen.  This show will be funding "The Children's Initiative" an groundbreaking undertaking to help kids battling leukemia. 

We are very excited to share that our flagship show is returning to it's original time slot in the Fall.  Coming September 2019, Unsung Heroes Productions is partnering with Imagine a Cure for Leukemia focusing on childhood leukemia  We are collecting some of the best talent, along with an incredible production team to put on our best show ever. 

Sept 21-22


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