With Unsung Virtual, you can now join the ensemble for up to 8 of our songs.  

Bored at home?  Need something to do?  Just for you or for your whole family?  Getting tired of puzzles and board games and want to something creative to do while making an impact for Camp Ooch?

Unsung's Public Couch Cast is for you. 

What is it?  In our Virtual Show we will have 8 songs that require a large ensemble.  You can purchase our learner tracks and instructions which will give you everything you need to learn, perform and upload your performance to us. 


From there we will edit you in to the final video for that song as part of the show.

You can  purchase one song learner track and instructions for one person, one for the family or buy a 8 pack to be part of all 8 songs.  

We have kept the costs to a minimum to ensure as many people as possible can participate while still helping our creative team get some income at this difficult time.  Unsung does not keep anything and all net proceeds are donated to Camp Ooch for kids with cancer. 

Frequently asked questions

What does being in the Couch Cast mean exactly?

It means that you can be part of the ensemble for up to 8 of the songs in our virtual show. This means backing vocals and for some songs, if you are up to it, some dancing too! When we start to a rehearse a song, we will open up access to all the Couch Cast to download our rehearsal tracks, videos and instructions. For vocals, this could include a backing track as well as vocal tracks for each vocal group (e.g. Bass, Tenor, Alto, Sopranno). You don't need to know your vocal group. You can try each track unti one feels comfortable in your range. If a song includes choreo, you can also download the choreo for that song and give it a try if you like. We will provide instructions on best way to record yourself and upload the file back to us. We will included segments of your video in our final edit when we publish the song!

How tech saavy do I have to be and what equipment will I need?

Not very tech saavy and no heavy duty equipment. You will need two devices , one that can record video (e.g. a phone and a computer or tablet or two phones, etc) and a pair of headphones. That's about it. You will receive the files when are rehearsing that song and have time to learn them. You will get instructions on how to video and send back your file. Basically you need one device to be able to play the backing track in your ear and another to video yourself singing. That's about it.

Will there be choreography and willl I have to do it?

Some songs may include some choreography and no, you don't have to try it. We will be keeping it easy but if you are not comfortable, that's ok. We do suggest giving it a try though. It could be lots of fun, especially if you are buying a family pack so you can do it with your kids or parents!

Do I have to be a great singer?

Not at all. We will be editing and mixing all the videos we get into the final edit. For one, your entire video will not be in the final edit as we want to mix it up to give audiences different things to look at. And we will be sound editing to balance it all. This is not about your talent, it's about FUN anf GIVING BACK! So don't stress about your voice...just join and have fun with it!

What happens after I buy a pass? Do you send the files right away?

After you buy your pass, we will notify you when we have completed the learner videos for the song(s) you are participating in. You won't get something right away but we will advise you once they are available. You can also email us any questions at any time to